Terms And Conditions Of Use

We believe in music as an inclusive democratic manifestation, with a positive impact on people’s lives, contributing to the harmonious development of society, through individualized arrangements for every need and taste.

Please, be advised that our data are KOVVER BRASIL SERVIÇOS DE MÚSICA, VÍDEO E TECNOLOGIA LTDA, headquartered in the city of São Paulo, State of São Paulo, at Alameda Jaú, nº 1.177, 5º Andar, Sleve 13, Bairro Jardim Paulista, CEP [Zip Code]: 01.420-001, registered with CNPJ/MF [Corporate Taxpayer ID] under No. 32.184.670/0001-00, in these terms simply referred to as “KOVVER APP.”

These Terms and Conditions of Use are committed to respecting human dignity, privacy and intimacy, security and transparency in the treatment and protection of the registration data of users of the KOVVER APP platform, under the terms established in the General Law for the Protection of Damage (Act No. 13.709/2018).

The use of the KOVVER APP platform subjects the user to observing and respecting the conditions set out below.

It is important to inform you that the service provided by the KOVVER APP Platform is or may be subject to specific Licensing, Assignments, Terms of Use, Contracts and Regulations. In the event of a conflict between such instruments and this document, the specific conditions shall prevail.

The Privacy Policy and Cookies Policy are part of these Terms and Conditions of Use, and cannot, under any circumstances, be dissociated from this document.

Any questions, complaints, suggestions or comments you have regarding these Terms and Conditions of use, as well as about the use of the platform and any irregularities and misconduct, can be sent to the email suporte@kovver.app


  1. Preliminary Definitions
  2. Consent
  3. Platform Usage Rules
  4. Registration Purpose
  5. Subscription and Payment Methods
  6. Free Version
  7. Subscription Plan
  8. User Content
  9. Registration Cancellation Request
  10. Advertising
  11. General Conditions


1. Preliminary Definitions

KOVVER APP is a music platform with several services that allows the user to play and sing with their idol, allowing the addition or removal of as many musical instruments as they want, at the time they want, or have access to professionals to learn new instruments .

To facilitate understanding, we mean by User: any person who accesses or uses the KOVVER APP Platform. Unless expressly stated otherwise, the terms “you”, “your” or “their” refer to the User.

Furthermore, we mean by Personal Data: any and all information that allows the identification of the User, such as, but not limited to, name, CPF [Individual Taxpayer ID] number, identity document number, telephone number, electronic email address.

We clarify that the use of the KOVVER APP platform requires agreement with the terms hereof. If you disagree with the provisions here, we suggest not using the platform.


2. Consent

Access to the KOVVER APP Platform, as well as its effective use, is subject to your conscious agreement and acceptance with these terms of use and privacy, and consequently with the treatment of your personal data.

Acceptance and agreement will be ratified by checking the checkbox corresponding to the option “I accept the Terms,” an opportunity in which You express your free consent by expressing that you agree with the content of this term of use and privacy policy.

Upon acceptance and agreement, You represent that You are civilly capable and over eighteen (18) years old.

Now, if you are under 18 years old, the use of the KOVVER APP Platform depends on the specific and detached consent of a parent or legal guardian, so rest assured to let them know, as the absence of this consent will prevent access and use of the Platform.

For proof of specific consent, in the case of a child or adolescent, in compliance with the Child and Adolescent Statute, a tab will be opened for entering the personal data of a parent or legal guardian.

By accepting these Terms, You further affirm that you are the legitimate owner of the personal data entered on the KOVVER APP platform, which is solely responsible for the veracity and authenticity of all data and information provided to the KOVVER APP Platform and for the use thereof, performed through your account.

By accepting these terms, the user acknowledges that they are solely and exclusively responsible for the use of the Platform, as well as for the choice of the KOVVER APP Platform usage plan and for the payment of this and the updating and charging criteria, exempting them from any responsibility for damages resulting from the misuse of the KOVVER APP Platform.

By agreeing with the terms, You expressly authorize the KOVVER APP Platform to share your platform usage information and registration data with Google Cloud, RevenueCat, ASSAS and AppsFlyer in order to provide and provide the best and efficient experience and service, all in compliance with the Privacy Policy.

The KOVVER APP Platform reserves the right to make changes to the Terms and Conditions of Use at any time by giving a notice to its users on this page or sending a notice to users using any contact information  in order to request express consent to the changes made. If you choose not to accept, your collected personal data will be deleted from the database.


3. Platform Usage Rules

You acknowledge and agree that the KOVVER APP platform will only be used by individuals, that the use of the login and password are very personal and non-transferable, that only one user account per name and email is allowed; that it will respect all moral, material and related copyrights, property, patent and marketing rights of the contents to which it has access.

You acknowledge and agree that it is prohibited to create a user account by a person who has been disabled by the platform, regardless of the reason; the insertion on the KOVVER APP Platform of any type of content, lawful or not, is prohibited; the recording and dissemination of the service or/and content of the KOVVER APP Platform by any means is prohibited, whether for personal use or third parties, either onerous or free of charge; It is prohibited to share your login and access password with third parties, even if authorized.

The Platform reserves the right to refuse any registration request and to cancel a previously accepted registration, at its sole discretion and without prior notice, with no indemnity or reparation for the cancellation of any registrations or impossibility of registration.


4. Registration Purpose

Registration will be the means of contact with the Platform. Therefore, the user shall provide true, accurate, current and complete personal data, as well as keep this information up to date.
The personal data provided by You in the registration are strictly necessary for the KOVVER APP Platform to identify you and comply with legal requirements, such as full name, age, or, to contact you, such as e-mail address, or, even those necessary to provide a better experience, offer specific products for your taste and profile and ensure your safety by identifying misuse, such as if you have a band, your musical preference, which instrument you play or vocal, your habit whether for hobby or professional and location data.

The KOVVER APP Platform clarifies that the treatment of the collected data is intended to facilitate the experience and musical improvement thereof, disseminate services, products, communication campaigns and relationship marketing and promotions on the Platform, prevent technical or security problems in the identification of the user, ensure the reliability of the Platform, improve our service, improve the user experience, answer questions and requests and to comply with applicable legislation in force.

The personal data provided by You, when registering on the KOVVER APP Platform, will be processed throughout the contract period.

If you wish, You will be entitled, upon previous request to suporte@kovver.app, to have access and correction of the personal data provided, and also confirmation that the data is being treated in accordance with the General Data Protection Act (Act 13.709/2018).

The KOVVER APP Platform may also share your data with third parties to provide the service offered, such as storage, identification and validation, enabling the Platform’s offers and services, preventing and combating crimes, technical or security problems, such as Google Cloud, ReveneuCat, ASSAS, and AppsFlyer. In addition, your personal data may be shared to comply with legal obligation and requirement, court decision, arbitration, conduct and administrative adjustment term.

The KOVVER APP Platform is committed to choosing the partner that seeks respect for privacy, intimacy, security and protection of this term of use, however, it is exempt from any data breach provided by the General Data Protection Act (Act 13.709/2018 ) by the partners.


5. Subscription and Payment Methods

The KOVVER APP platform makes available to You some subscription plans for the use of the services provided and will remain valid until canceled by You. To use the KOVVER APP service, you shall have Internet access and a device compatible with the KOVVER APP platform.

In cases of subscription via the KOVVER APP Platform website, the payment will be made and processed by the ASSAS partner who will arrange for the sharing of payment data to the platform.

In the case of subscription to KOVVER APP Platform services via app, payment will be processed directly by PlayStore or Apple Store stores.

We clarify that access to all the features of the KOVVER APP Platform is linked to the payment of the subscription plan, therefore, in order for You to have the best and adequate experience with music, avoid suspension and cancellation of access to the Platform, maintaining updated the payment method and making the payment on time.

In the event that payment for the chosen plan does not occur, You agree to be automatically transferred to the free version of the Platform, with the limitations of access and use contained therein, but you shall be aware that some data may no longer be stored by the Platform on the free version and we cannot commit to keep them in case of migration to the free version, even if the subscription is re-established. In order for You to regain access to all the features of the KOVVER APP Platform, simply pay for the contracted plan.

We aim to provide You with the best experience, which is why the KOVVER APP Platform may change and revise subscription fees on a regular basis. But keep calm! The subscription price of the KOVVER APP Platform will be fair and ideal to best meet your needs.

The subscription fee includes all other charges related to the use of the tool, such as taxes and fees, and the plan fee will be charged according to the plan chosen by You and pursuant to your PlayStore or Apple Store.

The KOVVER APP platform is committed to informing you of any changes to its price or subscription plans. In case of any change in the price of the plans, these will only be applied to the invoice subsequent to the sending of the notice.


6. Free Version.

As a way to offer You a new experience in music, the KOVVER APP platform may provide Free Account versions.

Make sure that in the free version there may be some limitations on access and use of the KOVVER APP Platform, such as the number of songs and time allowed for playing the songs, as well as different marketing campaigns.


7. Subscription Plan.

To gain access to the features and experiences made available by the KOVVER APP Premium or Pro Platform, a monthly fee will be charged for use, according to the plans offered.

In order to encourage the experience, the KOVVER APP Platform will provide a trial period with a grace period for the subscription payment of the Premium or Pro version Plan. The trial period will be informed at the time of contracting and subscribing to the Premium or Pro plan. Thus, from the 1st day after the end of the trial period, all users who until that date are registered in the Premium version and have not requested to cancel their Subscription on the KOVVER APP Platform or have migrated to another Plan, accept that Premium or Pro Plan Subscription fee will be charged as advertised. Do not worry, by canceling your Account during the grace period, nothing will be charged.


8. User Content

We trust in the quality of our service and your loyalty as our customer for the experience and ease generated, through the added value of individualized music, contributing to its development and improvement.

The user can record, upload and present an interpretation of literary-musical work in an individualized channel of voice or musical instrument to the KOVVER APP, hereinafter referred to as USER CONTENT.

After evaluating and approving it, KOVVER APP will contact the user to adjust the purchase price of all copyrights of an property nature by the USER CONTENT so that KOVVER APP can hold full ownership of the USER CONTENT for economic exploitation.

By transferring and assigning USER CONTENT, you will acknowledge and agree that KOVVER APP may use, enjoy and dispose of USER CONTENT as it sees fit, regardless of any prior or subsequent authorization or notice from the user, for commercial purposes or not, throughout national and international territory.

In addition, KOVVER APP may, for example: (1) adapt, fragment, edit and process the USER CONTENT in order to synchronize it by any means, whether alone or combined with OTHER USER CONTENT, in any way and by any means, whether physical and/or digital that exist or will be created; (2) license the USER CONTENT synchronized with OTHER USER CONTENT, in whole or in part, on track banks in order to synchronize on advertising, website, social media platforms, television, audiovisual works, video sharing platform, podcast distribution platform, background music in telephone standby, opening sequences, political advertising and other advertising products; (3) transfer and assign USER CONTENT synchronized with OTHER USER CONTENT to interested third parties; and (4) all other types of use existing or that may be invented, as provided for in articles 29 and 90 of Act no. 9,610/98.

KOVVER APP may refuse the reproduction/commercialization of any USER CONTENT whose content may be considered by KOVVER APP to be illegal, offensive, discriminatory against race, gender, religion or any other basis that may offend anyone, regardless of any authorization or prior or later notice from the user.

The user is aware that KOVVER APP has no obligation to select, purchase, use, include or distribute the USER CONTENT through the KOVVER APP platform, in the products and services currently available and future developed by KOVVER APP or its partners.

If you do not want KOVVER APP to use your USER CONTENT for these purposes, you should not record, upload and submit USER CONTENT to KOVVER APP.


9. Request for Deletion of Registration and Subscription Cancellation

We trust in the quality of our service and your loyalty as our customer for the experience and ease generated, through the added value of individualized music, contributing to its development and improvement.
We wish to maintain a long-term relationship with You, however, if you wish to unsubscribe from Premium or Pro plan on the KOVVER APP Platform, You can do it at any time. If it was made via the PlayStore or Apple Store application, the cancellation must be made directly on the payment platform of the respective application store.

However, if the payment is made via the website, You must access the KOVVER APP Platform website, click on “Login,” enter your account details and perform the login process, click on the “Plans” section on the Main Menu of the page and then choose the “Cancel” option. You should be aware that unsubscribing your subscription to the Premium or Pro Plan is not conditioned to the exclusion of your registration on the KOVVER APP Platform, keeping your account active in the Free Version, being aware that some data may no longer be stored by the Platform.

If you are interested in excluding your registration, you can do so directly through the KOVVER APP in the “My Account” section of the Main Menu of the application and then choose the “Delete Account” option. We emphasize that deleting the registration will result in loss of access to your data using the Platform, without the possibility of recovering them in case of re-registration.

If you wish to request that the registration of the Newsletter of the KOVVER APP platform is unsubscribed, simply click on the link for “unsubscribe,” located at the bottom of the message.

It is important to inform you that when your account is terminated or deleted on the KOVVER APP Platform, all your personal data will be deleted from our processing system, or, if not deleted, it will be anonymized.


10.  Advertising.

So that we can better serve you and offer a pleasant experience, we may provide advertisements and links that use graphic advertising from other partners (third parties).

The information and data collected may also be used to target advertising campaigns in general, generate general statistical data for informational or commercial purposes that may be provided to partners, sponsors, advertisers or other external companies, without revealing names or others navigation data that could lead to the holder’s identification.


11. General Conditions.

The Platform offers promotional links and offers to third-party internet pages, but is not responsible for the privacy policy of these websites.

If you have any questions about registration or this Terms of Use, please email us at suporte@kovver.app.

These terms are subject to continuous improvement to adapt to legal requirements, for this we will communicate the changes that occur, so that users have full knowledge thereof.

No data transmission over the Internet is 100% secure. Therefore, although the Platform does its best to protect your personal information, it is not possible to guarantee the security of all the information you may provide to us.

The platform is committed to complying with and respecting all applicable laws, rules and regulations in force, as well as adopting appropriate anti-corruption measures by ensuring a means for reporting and investigation.


Updated version August 2022.