Privacy And Cookies Policy

In this policy, we want to make you aware of how we collect and process your data on the platform, for what purpose we will use it and with whom we will share it, without any discrimination in the creation and provision of the platform service.

We will define below how we use and protect any information you provide when you browse this website and the Kovver app. The commitment is to ensure that your privacy is protected in accordance with the General Data Protection Act in Brazil, Act no. 13.709/2018 and the European Union General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

When you use the KOVVER APP Platform, we ask for certain information to identify you. Rest assured that it will be used in accordance with data protection laws.

All of your personal information gathered will be used to help make your visit to our website and app as productive and enjoyable as possible.

This Privacy and Cookie Policy comprises the essential documentation of the KOVVER APP Platform together with the Terms and Conditions of Use.

Ensuring the confidentiality of users’ personal data is very important for the KOVVER APP Platform.


1. Privacy Policy

General definitions

Cookies: sets of user data stored on the device.

Data Controller (owner): a person, group, public authority, agency or other body that, alone or jointly, determines the purposes and means of data processing, including the website security measures. The data controller usually owns the website.

Personal Data: is information that directly, indirectly or linked to other data, allow the identification of an individual.

Usage Data: information gathered automatically through the website, KOVVER APP Platform or third-party website, such as IP addresses or domain names of users’ computers, URI (Uniform Resource Identifier) ​​addresses, request time, method used for sending the request to the server, file size received in response, server response status numeric code, country of origin, user’s browser and operating system features, time per visit and path followed within the website, as well as special reference visited pages, and other parameters about the user’s operating system and IT environment.

Owner: it is understood that the owner, for the purposes of this Privacy and Cookie Policy, is the KOVVER APP Platform.

Data Operator: individual or legal entity, public authority, agency or other body that processes personal data on behalf of the controller, in accordance with the privacy policy.

Service: what the KOVVER APP Platform provides in accordance with the Terms and Conditions of Use available through the link.

Data Subject: the individual to whom the personal data refer.

Legal Basis: legal basis that makes the processing of personal data legitimate for a given prior purpose by the KOVVER APP Platform.

Consent:  express and unambiguous authorization given by the User for the KOVVER APP Platform to process their personal data for the chosen purpose.


Providing and Processing Personal Data

In compliance with data protection legislation, we inform you that the KOVVER APP platform gathers some personal data from users, provided voluntarily, including: cookies, username (“username”), email address, usage data, website, first and last name, and age.

Personal data may be provided by the user or, in the case of usage data, gathered  automatically and the user becomes aware thereof. The registration data, provided by You, is provided consciously and voluntarily, and strictly necessary for the KOVVER APP Platform to identify you and comply with legal requirements, such as full name, age or, to get in touch with you, such as e-mail address, or even those necessary to provide a better experience, offer specific products for your taste and profile and ensure your safety by identifying misuse, such as if You have a band, your musical preference, which instrument you play or vocal, your habit whether it is hobby or professional and locational data.

When not explained otherwise, the data requested by this website and application are mandatory and its failure to provide it may make it impossible to use some services offered by the KOVVER APP Platform.

When the user is not sure which data is required, he can contact the KOVVER APP platform emailing to

The use of Cookies (and other tracking tools) by the KOVVER APP platform or by the owners of third-party services used by the platform is intended to provide the service required by the user, in addition to other purposes contained herein and in the  Cookies Policy.

The user is responsible for any third party data obtained, published or shared on the website and in the app.

Regarding the method and location of data processing, the KOVVER APP platform undertakes to take security measures to prevent unauthorized access, disclosure, modification or unauthorized data destruction.

Data processing is done by computers/IT tools, following organizational procedures with specific purposes. In certain cases, in addition to the owner, the data may be accessed by other persons involved with the website and application (management, sales, marketing, legal, system administration) or third parties: technical service providers, mail carriers, hosting providers, IT companies, communication agencies, if it is needed, as data processors by owner. We also inform the user that KOVVER APP shares the necessary data with payment systems, in order to charge their monthly fee for using the application. At any time, it is possible to request that KOVVER APP Platform provides an updated list of these parts.


Consent and Purpose of Data Processing.

The KOVVER APP Platform may process personal data related to users upon prior and express consent, as well as for contractual compliance.

Acceptance and agreement will be ratified by checking the checkbox corresponding to the option “I accept the Terms,” an opportunity in which You express your free and express consent, and have been informed that for the processing of some personal data that require your consent, you agree with the content of the Terms and Conditions of Use and this Privacy and Cookies Policy.

The consent for data processing, referring to the sending of marketing emails, which require your express consent, may at any time, and without justified reason, be terminated by the user, upon request to the email With the revocation of consent, all personal data, relating to this hypothesis of treatment, stored by the KOVVER APP Platform will be deleted.

The data provision is necessary to enter into a contract with the user and/or for other pre-contractual obligations, to which the company and the data subject are parties. The user’s personal data, such as name, ID and address, are processed for the execution of the contract for the provision of services provided by the KOVVER APP Platform, including the processing of data for payment, financial operations and operations necessary to fulfill the contract. The other data requested will have consent as a legal basis.

As for the purposes of processing, user data is collected so that the owner can provide its services and also for traffic optimization and distribution, hosting and back-end infrastructure, registration and authentication, analysis, display of content from external platforms, user database management, contact management and messaging, user contact, support request management, content comments, spam protection and remarketing and behavioral segmentation, in addition to being handled to enable billing. monthly payment by payment systems, storage of necessary data in our database (managed by third parties) and generation of targeted marketing to the user and its specifications.

Personal data are collected for the following purposes and services and treated, in these cases, for the execution of the contract signed between the app owner and the data holder: for information sharing and push notifications and in app message services; for intermediation of payment of the application with PlayStore or Apple Store stores, for intermediation of payment made via the website and for sending transactional emails and communications necessary for gaining access and using the platform.

In addition to these possibilities, the data is processed, now with consent, for sending email marketing, in which the user can opt-out whenever he wants.

By registering interest in the mailing list or newsletter, the user’s email address becomes part of the list that receives email messages with commercial or promotional information relating to KOVVER APP. Your email address can also be added to this list after signing up on the platform or after making a request, booking, purchasing, or contacting.

If there is a third-party content review service, it may collect web traffic data for pages where the review service is installed (even when the user does not use the content review service).

In the app, you can view content hosted on external platforms and interact with them.  Thus, it is possible to collect web traffic data for the pages on which the service is installed, even when users do not use it: Google Fonts, Google Maps Widget, Gravatar, Instagram Widget, SoundCloud Widget, Spotify Widget, Typekit, Video Vimeo, YouTube Video Widget, DigitalOcean, Linode, MailChimp, Zendesk, Facebook Custom Audience, Facebook Remarketing, Akismet, CloudFlare, Intercom.


Consent to Child and Adolescent Data Processing

The use of the KOVVER APP Platform by minors under eighteen (18) years old is subject to the specific and detached consent of a parent or legal guardian, under the terms established by the Statute of Children and Adolescents and the General Data Protection Law.

For proof of specific consent, in the case of a child or adolescent, a tab will be opened for entering the personal data of a parent or legal guardian.

All types of personal data, form of use and procedures adopted regarding the data of children and adolescents treated by the KOVVER APP Platform will be of a public nature.


Data Processing Period

The KOVVER APP Platform will retain personal data only for the period of the purpose for which that information was treated, including processing security, with legal and regulatory obligations.

Personal data shall be processed and stored for as long as is required for the purpose for which they were collected. Thus, it will be retained until the contract has been fully executed. The user will find information about this by referring to this document or the owner.

Furthermore, the owner may retain such data for a longer period whenever it has the user’s consent and when necessary for the performance of a legal obligation. Thus, when the period expires, such data will be deleted.

You may request the deletion of data by direct request to the email address, when the treatment is given by consent.


Users’ Rights

According to the data protection legislation in force, the users’ rights are:

  1. Withdraw their consent at any time for the data processed by this database.
  2. Oppose the processing of their data if the processing is carried out on a legal basis different from that specified in this Privacy Policy.
  3. Find out if their data is being processed by the KOVVER APP Platform, obtain information about certain aspects of processing, and obtain a copy of the processing data being processed.
  4. Check the accuracy of their data and request that they be updated or corrected.
  5. Restrict the processing of their data, when this is not essential for the full functioning of the service offered by the KOVVER APP Platform.
  6. Obtain the deletion of their data, provided that another law, in force at the time of the request, determines the maintenance of the database for a certain period.
  7. Receive their data and transfer it to another controller.
  8. File a complaint with their competent data protection authority.
  9. Request the anonymization, blocking or deletion of unnecessary, excessive or non-compliant data

And in case the user’s personal data is processed for direct marketing purposes, you can object to this processing at any time without any justification.

You declare that you are aware that the owner may be required to disclose personal data upon request from public authorities. In addition, for operation and maintenance purposes, the KOVVER APP platform and third party services may collect files that record the interaction with this platform using other personal data (such as IP address) for this purpose.

Requests to exercise any rights listed above and further details regarding the collection or processing of personal data should be sent to

You declare that you are aware that the deletion of personal data essential for the provision of services from the KOVVER APP Platform may result in the termination of your registration with the consequent cancellation of the services.

The KOVVER APP Platform reserves the right to make changes to this Privacy and Cookies Policy at any time by giving a notice to its users on this page or sending a notice to users using any contact information in order to request their express consent about the changes made. If you choose not to accept, your collected personal data will be deleted.



The KOVVER APP Platform collects and uses information contained in advertisements. The information contained in the advertisements includes your IP (Internet Protocol) address, your ISP (Internet Service Provider, such as Sapo, Clix, or other), the browser you used when visiting our website (such as Internet Explorer or the Firefox), the time of your visit and which pages you visited within our website.


Marketing and Data Supply

The user’s personal data that is part of the KOVVER APP platform database may be marketed or provided to third parties anonymously, except in strict compliance with court orders, legal orders, execution of contracts, protection of security or integrity of services, or when authorized. All information provided to partners, sponsors, advertisers and others will be just of user groups (market segments).


Links to Third-Party Websites

The KOVVER APP Platform has links to other websites, which, in our view, may contain useful information/tools for our visitors. Our Privacy and Cookies Policy does not apply to third-party websites, therefore, if you visit another website from our platform, You should read its privacy policy.

We are not responsible for the privacy policy or content present on third-party websites.

Measures in the event of a leak
The KOVVER APP Platform will use all the mechanisms and instruments necessary to protect the personal data registered by users in order to prevent any type of leakage or cyber-attack by third parties.

However, the KOVVER APP Platform does not guarantee one hundred percent (100%) protection of your data. Therefore, in the event of any violation of your personal data, the KOVVER APP Platform informs you that it will forward a report to the user with all the necessary descriptions about the event, including: what personal data was leaked, what will be the next mechanisms of protection and the date of occurrence.


2. Cookies Policy

In this Cookies Policy we describe and inform You about the use of cookies, which are parts of code installed in the browser that help the website to offer the service it proposes. Thus, certain functions of cookies may ask for the user’s consent.

When installation is consented, the user can withdraw consent at any time. Just follow the guidelines contained herein.


Technical and statistical cookies necessary for the service operation.

This website uses cookies to save the user’s session and perform activities strictly necessary for the website’s operation, such as traffic distribution.


Preferences, Optimization, and Statistics

This website uses cookies which save preferences and optimize the browsing experience. Among the cookies used are those that set language and currency preferences, as well as statistics management.


Cookies or third parties that install cookies

The following services collect anonymous and aggregated statistics and may not require the user’s consent, may also be managed by the owner.

They can be used to track browsing habits, as well as information specified here and without the owner’s knowledge. We recommend consulting the services’ privacy policy below for more information. The following are:

• Analytics

Monitoring and analyzing web traffic to track user behavior, with Google Analytics and Facebook Ads.

• Viewing content from external platforms

Service that allows you to view content hosted on external platforms and interaction through website pages, collecting web traffic data even when the user does not use it, with Google Maps Widget, Instagram Widget, Spotify Widget, Vimeo Video and Widget from YouTube video.

• Remarketing and behavioral targeting

Usage-based advertising through tracking usage data and cookies, information that is transferred to partners who manage remarketing and behavioral targeting. Deactivation can also be done directly on these sites. These are Facebook Custom Audience and Facebook Remarketing.

• Optimization and traffic distribution

Used when browsing involves servers located in different countries to optimize its performance, such as CloudFlare.

• User Database Management

It allows the owner to create user profiles from an email address, personal name or other information provided, tracking user activity through analytics features, using social media profile information and sending emails, like the Intercom.


How to consent or withdraw permission to install cookies

In addition to what is detailed here, the user can manage their cookie preferences in their own browser, preventing the installation of cookies by third parties.

In this way, it is also possible to delete previous installations of cookies, including those that you may have saved without initial consent for this website. Information about managing cookies in the most common browsers can be found at Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Apple Safari, and Microsoft Internet Explore.

As for the installation of cookies by third parties, to manage preferences and/or withdraw consent, simply click on the related deactivation link (if provided), following the instructions of the third party’s privacy policy or contacting them.

In the second instance, the Owner also informs that it is possible to follow instructions in the EDAA (EU), Network Advertising Initiative (USA), Digital Advertising Alliance (USA), DAAC (Canada) and DDAI (Japan). This allows you to select tracking preferences for most advertising tools. The owner, therefore, recommends that users make use of these features in addition to the information provided herein.

As not all cookies and tracking installations are technically controlled by the owner, but by third parties, we recommend that you consult the privacy policy of the services listed here.

If you would like to receive more information about the use of cookies, please contact the owner by email at



We use cookies to store information such as your personal preferences when you visit our website. This could include a simple popup, or a link to various services we provide, such as forums.

In addition, we also use third-party advertising on our website to support maintenance costs. Some of these advertisers may use technologies such as cookies when advertising on our website, which will cause these advertisers (such as Google through Google AdSense) to also receive your personal information, such as your IP address, your ISP, your browser, etc. This function is generally used for geotargeting (for example, it show advertising from Sao Paulo only to users from Sao Paulo) or display advertising targeted to one type of user (like showing restaurant advertising to a user who regularly visits culinary sites).

You have the power to turn off your cookies, in your browser options, or by making changes in the tools of Anti-Virus programs, such as Norton Internet Security. However, this may change the way you interact with our Platform, or other websites. This may affect or not allow you to log in to programs, websites or forums on our and other networks.

If you have questions or suggestions about the Terms and Conditions of Use and the Privacy and Cookies Policy, please email to

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